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La Shell Wooten is a vibrant, magnetic and inspiring speaker with a powerful and persuasive life coaching skills.  When she addresses an audience, her talks are down-to-earth, interactive and effective in guiding listeners to interrupt bad habits, reprogram emotions and recondition relationships.  Even with La Shell’s clinical training and advanced education in human behavior and mental health, when she speaks, her delivery is easily absorbed and described as impactful by audiences from varying environments and circumstances.

La Shell is recognized as an expert on interpersonal relationships, parenting and cultivating a joyful life.  She is one of a rare breed of speakers who grips audiences with her words, stories and calls to action with no need for powerpoint or props – she is good vibes and great energy personified!

Topics she has rocked!!

  • Divorce without Disaster
  • Is Your Vision Board Working?
  • Perception, Judgements, Misgivings: Oh My!
  • Child Rearing…It’s Ugly Head: The Challenges of Parenting
  • Self Hatred: You can’t hate someone you don’t know

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