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Posted by on Jan 3, 2016 in Self Care

 Joy2theWorldI am overwhelmed with JOY.  Literally.  In the last 12 hours, I had a text conversation about joy, saw a tweet about joy and saw a movie named Joy.  So here I sit, talking to you about… JOY!

Late last night I had a Facebook text message conversation with a former client; a single mother of four who currently finds herself living in very challenging times.  She lost her home and is now living in a shelter with her children.  The geographical move forced her to change her children’s schools and lose her job. She shared details about her circumstances and as our text conversation progressed I could sense that she was feeling defeated.  I was feeling compelled to be encouraging.  The only thing I could think of was joy and joy was what I offered.  Even if she felt like she was pretending to have joy in her heart, I urged her to believe in universal energy.  What we put out, we will get back.  I sent her links to some people on social media who are known for sharing positive, joyful, uplifting quotes.  I told her to read those quotes everyday and use joy to attract more positive experiences.  She agreed that she would and we text our goodnights to one another.

When I woke up this morning, the first thing on the my cell phone screen was a tweet that said, “your cup is overflowing with #love and #joy.”  This tweet struck me because of the conversation I was having last night.  In spite of our struggles, our cups can overflow with joy.  My mom always says, “Praise God, because things could always be worse.”  We all probably know someone that went through something in 2015 that we could not imagine having to withstand, so there is always a reason to be joyful and grateful.

Next, I received an early morning call from my mother who says, “Do you want to catch the early showing the movie Joy?”  Really?  Really Universe?  It is obvious that joy is trying to tell me something, so I have to see this through.  We go to the 10:30am showing of Joy and I had no idea what to expect.  Jennifer Lawrence plays Joy, a single mother with no cash and minimal education who is supporting her lazy, dependent family members.  Through disappointments and sabotage she perseveres and becomes a wealthy and well respected inventor who ultimately experiencing quite a bit of joy in her life.

While I believe that I live my life joyfully, I am sure I can do better.  I think my former client, this morning’s tweet and Jennifer Lawrence was sent to show me that joy is ours for the choosing.  In life’s most challenging moments, we don’t normally feel delight, pleasure or happiness, but we can.  When money is low, health is compromised and friends become foes, we can choose to feel joy and be joyful about being alive to overcome our challenges and thrive through adversity.  Joy is ever present.  The last 12 hours has taught me that joy is chasing me.  Actually, joy is chasing us all.  So as the first week of 2016 is underway, let’s be open to joy and give our joy to the world.

Happy Sweet ’16 everyone!

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