La Shell is a vibrant on-camera personality, personal development specialist, inspiring speaker and writer with an accomplished career in mental health therapy and life coaching that have proven to be impactful and effective.

For twenty years, La Shell has used counseling, coaching and the tools of feng shui to effectively guided clients through letting go of useless habits in order to help them repair their spirit, homes, emotions and dysfunctional relationships.  Her rapidly growing fans describe her as an emotional fitness trainer and motivator. In-person, in print or on-camera, her personality is big and infectious. Her skills are vast and her instincts about what is truly challenging her clients are joyfully appreciated by those lucky enough to share their story with her.

La Shell offers priceless observations and insight in a wide variety of topics from childhood development and parenting in the 21st century to discovering your true desires and living in a healthy home.  All of her offerings have earned her well-deserved recognition and praise. In her career, La Shell has held key positions with many vital and historic organizations such as the Children’s Aid Society, Room to Grow, Inc., New York City Mission Society, Mount Sinai Medical Center and has earned degrees and certifications at the top of her class at The City College of New York, New York University and the International School of Feng Shui.

La Shell stands out for her palpable ability to help clients interrupt bad habits, reprogram emotions and recondition relationships. Although she is licensed and clinically training with a Master’s level education in human behavior, it is her engaging personality and appetizing delivery of invaluable information that makes it a joy to watch her work.

La Shell’s personal mission is to inspire individuals to recognize their own unique gifts and to become more alive, successful and happy in every area of their lives.

La Shell Wooten’s services:

Lights, Camera, Action

La Shell is expert in speaking passionately to live audiences and is the perfect talent for on-air content as well.  Her voice and on-camera personality resonates with audiences as comfortable, intellectually charismatic, articulate, humorous and vibrant.  She is always informative and inspiring.  Well-versed in topics related to enjoying a healthy mind, spirit and nourishing relationships, La Shell’s bright smile and pleasing appearance puts audiences at ease.  Her understanding of people, natural ability to ad-lib, knack for witty commentary and thought-provoking dialogue are what make her invaluable on and off the screen.

Lifestyle Management

La Shell provides motivating and effective coaching, mental health counseling and feng shui instruction for those seeking to improve their life experiences.  She is professionally trained in mental health counseling and feng shui, and is naturally skilled at coaching individuals through personal and physical roadblocks that keep them stuck in unhealthy situations and relationships.  She helps people remove emotional and physical clutter, guides them to discover untapped strengths, then coaches them on how to develop and maintain healthier behaviors and habits.  La Shell’s guidance leads clients to experience improved mental wellness, a healthier home environment and accessing more love and success in their lives.

Feng Shui
La Shell Wooten - Feng Shui - smallLa Shell is trained and certified in the six thousand year old nourishing, energetic practice of Classical Feng Shui.  Rooted in Chinese Taoist philosophy, Feng Shui is known for understanding the energetic path of nature and using that knowledge to energize and balance humans in their living and working environments.
As we’ve evolved through the centuries, we’ve become more detached from nature’s patterns and rhythms. Feng Shui studies nature, metaphysics and the cosmos; applying that knowledge in helpful, practical ways to promote and support positive life experiences.  Feng Shui is where science meets the art of placement and influence of textiles to enhance balance and harmony in a way that is unique to its’ user.​  
La Shell uses a lo pan compass and the fundamental principles of this practice to boost energy and mood with subtle design techniques and furniture adjustments.  Her master skills embrace ecological integrity and promote peace and prosperity in the homes and businesses of her clients.

Ink Slinger

La Shell writes children’s books, scripted work for screen and tube and relevant, quippy content for social media sites.  She is a published children’s book series author and a scriptwriter who writes clever, relevant content for screen and stage.  Her scripts cover a wide variety of topics, scenarios and people of all ages.  She also contributes blogposts that express her thoughts, opinions and expertise at varied social media destinations.  La Shell frequently freelances on parenting topics for premiere motherhood blog sites.

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