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Lights, Camera, Action

La Shell artfully captivates audiences both live and on television and radio. She is an expert in speaking passionately to live audiences and is the perfect talent for on-air content as well.  Her voice and on-camera personality resonates with audiences as comfortable, intellectually charismatic, articulate, humorous and vibrant. She is always informative and inspiring.  Well-versed […]

Lifestyle Management

La Shell provides motivating, effective coaching and mental health counseling for those seeking to improve their life experiences.  She is professionally trained in mental health counseling and naturally skilled at coaching individuals through personal roadblocks that keep them stuck in unhealthy situations and relationships.  She helps people remove emotional clutter, guides them to discover untapped […]

Ink Slinger

La Shell writes children’s books, scripted work for screen and tube and relevant, quippy content for social media sites.  She is a published children’s book series author and a scriptwriter who writes clever, relevant content for screen and stage.  Her scripts cover a wide variety of topics, scenarios and people of all ages.  She also […]

She Said What?

3 Jan 2016

Joy To The World

Posted by in Self Care

 I am overwhelmed with JOY.  Literally.  In the last 12 hours, I had a text conversation about joy, saw a tweet about joy and saw a movie named Joy.  So here I sit, talking to you about… JOY! Late last night I had a Facebook text message conversation with a former client; a single mother […]

1 Dec 2015

Giving Me

Posted by in Self Care

Welcome to and the giving of ME!  It feels quite auspicious to be launching my website’s first blog post during this holiday season.  I hope this finds you ready to receive…because I’ve got lots to give! If you haven’t taken a stroll through the pages of my site, let me give you a quick […]

They Said What?

What My Customers Are Saying

  • Sandra Velez

    Going through a pregnancy is a difficult experience on its own, you can only imagine how much harder it is doing it alone. I met LaShell, 8 months pregnant, single and unemployed. LaShell immediately embraced me and said “its ok…you will and can get through this”. Fast forward 4 years later, I am stronger than I have ever been. LaShell never judged my journey,  she empowered me to find my inner strengths by sharing her personal struggles.

    - Sandra Velez
  • Imani El-Amin

    La Shell is a truly beautiful and vibrant woman. In the short time I’ve known her, she’s made a lasting positive impact on my life with her encouraging words, thoughtful advice and sincere interest in my well-being. The world needs her radiant presence to empower young girls and women alike.

    - Imani El-Amin
  • Epres Grace

    From the beginning I took a natural liking to La Shell. I was going through a difficult time just graduating from college and finding out I was pregnant. We met through a social service program when I needed counseling. Her energy and positive attitude was exactly what I needed. Being able to meet La Shell who naturally has a passion for helping, empowering and encouraging young adults was a blessing. After 9 years of being in my life La Shell has become my mentor and role model. She inspires us to reach our full potential no matter what obstacles we may have in your way.

    - Epres Grace
  • Heather Earle

    I had the most amazing opportunity to meet Ms. La Shell Wooten through a program called Room to Grow, where she was my diary and my tissue.  She has made it comfortable for me to confide in her.  She always seemed to see the light at the end of the tunnel, even when I was unable to. Ms. Wooten has made a tremendous impact in my life and my daughter Mackenzie’s life!  She’s given me stepping stones to pursue to my dreams and always inspired me to be a better person than I was yesterday!  She is an amazing mother, friend and person!  La Shell has shown me the epitome of being the perfect mom through her constant understanding, perseverance and encouragement.

    - Heather Earle
  • K.C.

    I met La Shell Wooten an organization for moms. I was pregnant with my second child and was in an abusive relationship.  My doctor suggested that I talk to someone because I was depressed and stressed about the pregnancy. La Shell was that person. She was warm and inviting. She was cool but like a mother and very good at her job. I loved talking to her. I looked forward to every session. I opened up about the abuse.  She helped me understand a lot about myself. She made me laugh and she saw me cry. She was there whenever I needed her.  When I had the baby things with my abuser got worse.  He tried to kill me.  I picked up, left all of my possessions and moved to a new state with my children to stay with the one person I knew there. After three weeks, that living situation ended and I was stranded with my kids. I didn’t know what to do, so I called La Shell.  That one call to her saved my life.  She was happy to hear I was safe and she immediately connected me with good people she knew in my new state. They were great. They made sure we were okay, showed us around and helped me find an apartment and even invited me and my children to Thanksgiving dinner.  All the while, La Shell checked up on us and always made sure we were okay.  She still does to this day. I owe everything to her.  She gave me the courage to leave an abusive man, the guidance to start a new life and keep my family safe.  For eight years that’s exactly what we’ve been doing. LIVING!!  I can never repay her for all she’s done. I love and respect her so much. She is a remarkable woman!

    - K.C.
  • Eva Wingo

    While being an first time expectant mom, I was constantly flooded with the saying “it takes a village to raise a child.” Fortunately, my husband and I were referred to Room to Grow and that’s where La Shell became that village to us. She was so caring and professional with us. With the anxiety of what the journey of parenthood brings, La Shell not only provided us with the materials and resources needed, she cared about hearing how we were doing. She cared to listen. In trajectory in the school of life, there’s been very few people like La Shell, who take their job to another dimension, the one of the heart. She treated us as humans and anxious parents and not as a job. NYC is flooded with people who are rude and ignorant and make you pay for their misery on whatever they do. La Shell on the other hand makes you feel worth her time. She is dedicated and passionate about what she does. And today, we are thankful for her.

    - Eva Wingo
  • Rosa Pachay

    As a single mother of three children, having sessions with La Shell Wooten was priceless. In a time of my life when I struggled the most with the uncertainty of following my heart, maintain my dignity, dealing with hormones, feeling that I lost my career, and overwhelmed by the pressure of my family’s traditional views about how I “should” raise a family: La Shell was there. She lift my spirits and me to believe in myself.  La Shell planted seeds in me that have begun to blossom. I will never forget when La Shell told me, ” Children to don’t care if their mom is tall, short, fat, skinny, ugly, pretty, green, purple… all children want is a HAPPY mom. If mom is happy, the children will be happy.”  My sessions with La Shell were always refreshing and inspiring. La Shell helped me set goals to get back on track, sort out my views and principles about raising healthy children, but most importantly she was there to help me keep my peace of mind.  La Shell is a good listener and a great social worker. She has definitely left her mark in my life.  It has been five years since I La Shell came into my life and I am now a part-time social worker which allows me to balance my career and my family life. My children are learning and growing up healthy but most importantly they are HAPPY! Thank you La Shell

    - Rosa Pachay
  • Vanessa Evans

    I attended La Shell Wooten’s Vision Board workshop during the summer and all I can say is that it truly has re-shifted my perspective. I no longer feel convicted to jump in & take over when faith and direction should lead the way. La Shell said one word to me…STOP! and that’s what I’ve done. And since that day, things in work, in relationship, and in health have started to open up for me. My outlook on all fronts is much brighter! Thanks La Shell for your guidance!

    - Vanessa Evans
  • NicoleLynn Segarra

    La Shell is a true definition of life and love. She has gone above and beyond to help me create better habits for a better quality of life. She consistently reminded me of my value and pushed me to reach my full potential. Her gracious words and actions will stick with me forever, and I’m inspired to help the next person just as much as she did for me. She is well-organized, very creative, and a great listener.

    - NicoleLynn Segarra
  • Carol Watson

    I have attended many workshops in my work/life and was curious about La Shell’s approach to the often talked about vision board. She did a fabulous job of engaging the group. She was exceptional at speaking to both the neophyte and experienced at the same time. The flow of the workshop, materials and energy were very professional. My vision board went from incomplete and stashed away to completed, referred to daily and continuously moving me to action.

    - Carol Watson
  • Nia Jarrett

    La Shell lives what she teaches simply because she lives an authentic life. Her self love establishes a foundation to gift others with her advice, presence, and Love. Her Love is not a batch of fresh baked cookies; it is a genuine human experience that embraces the truth of what we are in that moment while creating a space of trust and security to explore all that you could be in your shadow or light energy. The exploratory space she creates is free of judgement and full of empowerment to make “your” next choice with an expanded sense of presence that La Shell helps to expand instinctively.

    - Nia Jarrett

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